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Art and design has been a fascination of mine since childhood. I regularly explored this through painting, sculpture and jewellery making. Jewellery became my main focus during my time at the University for the Creative Arts, where I trained in Silversmithing, Goldsmithing, and Jewellery Design, and graduated in 2009. I then spent almost ten years working in various areas of the jewellery industry as well as freelancing for various jewellery companies including other designer makers. I’ve also shown my own creations in numerous gallery shows and pop up shops across the U.K. during those years. 


I create jewellery in my studio in East London using recycled silver and gemstones, and on occasion recycled gold and fairtrade gold. But when the design calls for it, I will also use other mediums like plastic, glass, rubber, textiles, sand, etc. My sources of inspiration tend to be everyday experiences, from places that I have been to, childhood memories, family history and culture, things that I have seen, and materials or objects that I have found.


You may have noticed a common theme with my jewellery. My approach to design is an experimental and playful one, as a result, I’m known to create jewellery that allows the wearer play with it. So movement, sound and tactility are key elements in my creative process, hence the use of mixed mediums in some collections. Colour also plays an important role in my jewellery, my use of colour varies from subtle to bold and vibrant. 

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