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The Fun Timer

The Fun Timer necklace is a one off piece that was designed and made for "Makers at the Mill", an exhibition at The House Mill in Bromley-By-Bow, London during the summer of 2012. Each artist was set the task of creating a piece that was inspired by The House Mill, a grade one listed 18th century tidal Mill situated on the river Ley. 

This is a sand timer with a difference. Unlike the standard hourglass, this one has a third chamber, thus turning the movement of the sand into a little game. The glass timer is encased in a Sterling Silver medalion, which has a cog pattern etched into the back, (an homage to the cogs that I found in the mill). The dark blue sand seemed like an appropriate colour choice because The House Mill harnessed its power from the river's tide. I then completed the necklace with Lapis Lazuli beads that have been threaded onto silk. "Makers at the Mill" has since become and annual exhibition, and I was invited back to the 2014 exhibition to showcase my timer from the original 2012 exhibition. 

Photography by Gibson Blanc

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